Wednesday, 16 September 2009

International Crochet Day 2009 Has Been & Gone!

International Crochet Day 2009

Well, well, well on Saturday past it was International Crochet day and we feel it was grossly under promoted in the UK. This should have been a vocal and enthusiastic promotion of such a wonderful craft but a quick skip around the internet would suggest otherwise for here in the UK.

So what is or was it?

September 12 is International Crochet Day, a day when crocheters everywhere are urged to do something crochet-related in public. You know, so we can hook (ha! I kill me!) others into it.
Some suggestions that have come up are:Crochet in public ,Teach someone to crochet,promote International Crochet Day in your blog, Wear something crocheted – and make sure everybody knows it!.

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So pencil it in to your calendar for next year and make it aim to promote crochet to everyone.

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