Monday, 21 September 2009

Crochet Therapy



The gardens have been consuming all my extra time lately and it seems I haven't been doing any crafting at all. After a busy day in the garden I need something simple to do. I tried reading but that put me to sleep. I tired visiting my favourite sites online, but that was also reading and it made me tired. So when I came across a blog I like to visit and I read about the 'one a day in May' project she had going I figured I had found something I could do. And even though most of May has gone I decided this is a project I can work on over the summer - some crochet therapy.

Crochet ADHD Therapy

I think I've mentioned before that I have crochet ADHD. I always decide to make small projects. And if I do have to make bigger ones, I try to use the thickest yarn and any shortcut I can do to make the project faster to finish. Small projects = instant gratification, yey!

Today Audrey's samples for the Sampler have arrived! Check out her shop for all the hand crochet items she has. This shop helps to fund her efforts to provide therapy dolls and scarves for a group of autistic children. Some of her projects are made solely from recycled plastic bags. Which is a great help in saving our planet...thanks Audrey!!!!

Her samples arrived so nicely bagged & tagged so they will fit just nicely in our Sampler this month! She also was so kind hearted to send me a few of the samples for my own use + a "Bath Buddy" similar to the one featured in the pic above. Thank you Audrey for joining in our Sampler! stop by Audrey's shop at look at all her great creations & read her profile to get toknow her! she is so pleasant to do business with & will make you feel right at home if you have a need to convo her! Tell her "Gabby" sent you !

Crochet Therapy

A Works for Me Wednesday tip.
I love to crochet. I find it calming, centering, soothing. I taught myself when I was a child, by looking at the pictures in one of those "how to" books. I have crocehted baby blankets and clothes for my own children, neices and nephews, caps, purses, vests, all kinds of things. Recently I read about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, and although I have not formally participated, I have appropriated the idea behind it.
As I crochet, I envision the person for whom I am making the article.